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God's Everlasting

Love: For You

The Way Back Home

A movie based on

Ismail Serinken's book

Selected Videos

Know that you have Hope: John 8:32 says: Then you will know the Truth. And the Truth will set you free. İsmail Serinken's new television program ''40 Truths,'' which is adapted from his book of the same name, focuses on 40 different Truths that God has given us.

Happiness: Chronicles of Grace: A conversation with İsmail Serinken about modern-day topics.

Episode 1: This program called Word of Life is a Bible Study program on the book of John with İsmail Serinken

Reflection of God: Sunday Sermons from Pastor Ismail Serinken of the Church of Messiah


An Honored Life: Time of Grace television program with İsmail Serinken

God and Death: Sunday Sermons from Pastor Ismail Serinken of the Church of Messiah

Bir Soru-11

Who can go to heaven? 'Christianity: An Answer and Question' with Ismail Serinken and Angela Serinken

Knowledge and Wisdom: Sunday Sermons from Pastor Ismail Serinken of the Church of Messiah

Thou shalt not kill: '10 Commandments' program with Ismail Serinken: 6th Commandment

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It was said that only they could break the cycle. All the possibilities of technology have been mobilized. Secret eyes that watch everywhere are looking for them 24/7 without any limits. But unfortunately, there has not been a single trace of their existence for the last two hundred years...
*This book is currently only available in the Turkish language.

GP_serinken_cv_v4 kopya.png

They were still here, they had never even left. Our common world was separated by an unseen energy wall called Quadronia. We live in a mortal world full of pain and misery, while they live in an immortal, flawless society. That is, until an earthquake rippled through the Sahara Desert, causing an energy shift that divided the Quadronia Wall. This would change the course of humanity forever.


Sometimes when reading certain books, or watching certain movies, our hearts fll with a little sorrow at the end. It’s not always easy to leave behind the imaginary world we've entered and the new friends we've made as it seems like we’ve known them for such a long time. The other reason that makes the separation hard is that what we've been reading and seeing is only fantasy, and that’s not real.

Reality challenges us. Our hearts unwillingly and slowly surrender to the challenge. The poor heart that longs for happiness all the time is broken and behaves like a child who doesn't want to be comforted. We wish for it to be real and not to end!

The story you're about to read is not imaginary, is not a sweet story told on a hot summer night. This one is real. I hope this story will be a help to guide you on the way back home so that you will arrive safe and sound.

Pastör Kitaplar

Truth that Sets Free

with İsmail Serinken

40 Truths with

İsmail Serinken

Word of Life

with İsmail Serinken

10 Commandments
with İsmail Serinken

İsmail Serinken and
Angela Serinken,
Christianity: A Question and Answer

İsmail Serinken and
Cem Güler,
The Way

İsmail Serinken and
Betül Beriş,
Chronicles of Grace

Time of Grace 

with İsmail Serinken

Television Programs

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